Anonymous: Jordan! What kind of lipstick (color/brand) are you wearing in that last pic with cydney?! So pretty!

It’s called Mac creamsheen in Modesty :) thanks! I love it because it’s super pretty and neutral

Anonymous: How long do you expect your relationship will be long distance for before you move in with each other? I usually don't support the idea of lesbians U-hauling right away but I think you two are very mature in your relationship and think it would be quite healthy for you both. I think you two are great support systems for each other. I like (I've mentioned this before) how you two still remain individuals while being apart of each other. Love to you both and your relationship ! Xox

I graduate in December, and starting in January, we will be looking for a place together in Missouri! We aren’t sure yet, but I’ll be moving there sometime between January and August of 2015!